Cédric Walter

Born and bred in France, working in switzerland since 2000, currently
in a midsize innovative software company www.innoveo.com that has a big
potential on the international insurance market.

Love learning languages (fluent in German & English beside French
of course ;-)) and meeting interesting people for work and pleasure.

Enjoy sports like snowboarding and fast motorcycles riding. Going to
fitness 3/4 times a week since 2008 as my work, as a senior solution
architect is challenging me mentally everyday. I am also quite active
in open source world (Joomla!), and have way too much hobbies to list
them here, but feel free to visit my hub at href="http://www.cedricwalter.com">www.cedricwalter.com / href="http://www.waltercedric.com" target="_blank">www.waltercedric.com

I am also a creative senior software engineer acting in open source
world, and having a lot of hobbies..too much for being listed here.

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